Selected Clips

How Robocallers Outwitted the Government and Wrecked the Do Not Call List  Investigating a modern scourge. The Washington Post 

The Art of Being Ernie Boch A Trumpy playboy gate-crashes the stodgy world of Boston philanthropy Boston Magazine

Oy, the TRAFFIC. And it’s POURING! Do I hear SIRENS? Why local TV news never changes. Columbia Journalism Review

Beyond Alt Understanding the Extremely Reactionary, Burn-It-Down-Radical, Newfangled Far Right. New York 

At RT, News Breaks You The Russian-funded news outlet has been accused of helping swing the presidential election. Could such a fly-by-night cable channel be that powerful? Bloomberg Businessweek

Mr Bombshell How Ben Wittes Convinced Liberals to Love the Deep State. New York 

The World vs. Alan Dershowitz The firebrand lawyer has defended everyone from Claus von Bulow to O.J. Simpson. Now he’s facing his toughest case yet — his own. Boston Magazine

Bad Landlord How NYC’s notorious Steve Croman mastered the dark art of replacing low-income tenants with rich ones. Bloomberg Businessweek

The Taxi King’s Last Stand New York’s bad-boy cab mogul, in the age of Uber, fighting for his life. Bloomberg Businessweek 

Lost at Sea with Rob Gronkowski Three days on a party boat with America’s frat brother. Boston Magazine

Does Boothbay Harbor Have a Vodka Problem? Meet the liquor magnate convulsing a beloved Maine resort town. Boston Magazine

Why Can’t America Have Great Trains? How Washington derailed Amtrak. National Journal Magazine

The Artifice of the Deal How an old hotel, covered in glass, underwitten by his father, became Donald Trump’s first big success as a “self-made” man. Politico Magazine

How Roger Goodell Turned the NFL Into a Political Machine Congressional inquiries into concussions, domestic abuse, and gambling? Nothing the league can’t make disappear  ESPN The Magazine

Jon Gosselin in the Wilderness – A reality star confronts reality. Philadelphia Magazine

The Clinton-in-Law – Chelsea’s mom-in-law runs for office. Skeletons get dragged out of closets. Politico Magazine

Dinesh D’Souza Is Winning How the shunned, scandal-plagued conservative filmmaker–facing jail time–became more powerful than ever. National Journal Magazine

Rape Happens Here: Inside the Swarthmore College Sexual Assault Scandal What happens when an elite, Quaker college confronts a contemporary campus epidemic? Philadelphia Magazine

Pot. Pills. Stacks of cash. How two elite prep school graduates launched the wrong kind of start-up. The inside story of the Main Line Takeover Project. Philadelphia Magazine

Bill Hite Has the Hardest Job in the Country The impossible mission to save the poorest large urban school district in the country. Philadelphia Magazine

Swamp Creature: The Ultimate DC Insider in the Age of Trump. Washingtonian

The Last Interesting Centrist: Can Michael Smerconish Save Cable News?  Washington Monthly

The Life and Death of Boston’s Counterculture How Boston lost its underground cool. Boston Magazine

The Gamble: How a Small New Jersey University Lost Its Big Atlantic City Bet A higher ed scandal down the Shore. Philadelphia Magazine

Broken LivingSocial Scene – Can LivingSocial conquer Washington D.C.? Washington City Paper 

4 Days in Phoenix Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio, and the ugly start to the 2020 campaign. Politico Magazine

What It’s Like to Read Fake News Two Weeks Straight Politico Magazine

State of Denial: Grappling with Trump’s election – or not – in the liberal bubble. The New Statesman

Free Willy Bluest of blue bloods Bill Weld, gunning for high office, with nothing left to lose. Boston Magazine

Eating Kale and Dodging Paparazzi with Margot Robbie – Elle

The Invisible Man Mike Huckabee: niche media master, flailing presidential candidate. Politico Magazine

The Ballad of Buddy Cianci A political antihero confronts reelection, mortality, and a marinara sauce scandal. Boston Magazine

Who’s Your Daddy? The Miami tycoon who made Marco Rubio – Bloomberg Businessweek

The Condo King Goes to City Hall You want his penthouse apartments. He wants your vote. Philadelphia Magazine

2,000,558 Ed Bassmaster Fans Can’t Be Wrong Want to understand YouTube fame? Head to Northeast Philly. Philadelphia Magazine

Natalie Guercio’s Mob Rules Inside the most bananas reality show on television. Philadelphia Magazine

The Myth of the Coach – What Joe Posnanski’s hagiographic Joe Paterno biography says about our collective coach-worship. The New Republic 

59 Minutes with Bradley Tusk The Uber Lobbyist Who Wants to Take Down Bill de Blasio. New York 

Can Linda Henry Save the Globe? – How Red Sox owner and Boston newspaper baron John Henry ceded control to his wife. Boston Magazine

A Long, Occasionally Contentious, Consistently Amusing Interview with Retired, Stubbled, Book-Hawking Congressman Barney Frank. Boston Magazine

Covering the CPAC Brat Pack: “There are only so many times you can highlight the moral crap factory that is a bunch of white neo-confederates listening to ‘Turn Down for What.'”  National Journal Magazine

Michael Nutter Will Leave Philadelphia Bigger, Cleaner, Smarter, and Safer Than He Found It. So Why Don’t We Like Him? Answer within. Philadelphia Magazine

Can Silicon Valley Hack Washington? The tech world’s radical plan to conquer Washington. National Journal Magazine

The Billy Pulpit Digital media soothsayer Jim Brady tries to save local news. Again. Philadelphia Magazine

How Margaret Sullivan Transformed the Role of the NYT Public Editor On the ombudswoman of the 21st century. Salon

“I’m Right and Everybody Else Is Wrong. Clear About That?”  On the early, early campaign trail with Bernie Sanders. National Journal Magazine

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Lie Detector Test Frank Rizzo Jr. runs for mayor. Against a ghost. Philadelphia Magazine

Larry Lessig, Off the Grid – Harvard internet superstar goes into the wild for a quixotic political campaign. The New Republic

The Ultimate Underdog – What’s it like to run a losing campaign against a political behemoth? On the trail with Chris Christie’s doomed opponent. Newsweek

The Disruptor – How a brilliant hedge funder-turned-philanthropist divided Philadelphia’s Jewish community. Philadelphia Magazine

It’s Ori Feibush’s World. We Just Live In It. – Meet Philly’s gentrifier-in-chief. Philadelphia Magazine

Jeffrey Toobin’s Big Week – With Obamacare hanging in the balance, a pundit steals the spotlight. The New Republic

Planes, Trains, and Conspiracy Theories – An exurban Virginia county descends into political chaos. Featuring swingers parties and Vikings. Washington City Paper

The Other Ellipse – The untold story behind the fiasco at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Washington City Paper

A Week at the Best Bad Bar in Philadelphia – Saying goodbye to the not-quite-beloved Best Western bar. Philadelphia Magazine 

Fresh Air’s Terry Gross: The Queen of “Like” – An unlikely appreciation. Philadelphia Magazine

The Clintonites’ Beef with Obama – Basically, they miss Bill. The Washington Monthly

The Great Escape – Did One NGO Lie About Its Role in Syria? The New Republic

Straight Dope: The Bizarre Politics of the Roger Clemens Steroids Trial – Democrats and Republicans, divided again. The New Republic

The Last of the Power Lunchers – A toast to a dying breed. Boston Magazine

A Girl Called Maria – Searching for the elusive red carpet with Philly’s It Girl. Philadelphia Magazine

The Nutty Professor: In the Classroom with Newt Gingrich – What’s it like having Newt Gingrich teach you history for a semester? The New Republic

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